You’re worth it — Journey to life #173

You are worth it. Always and forever.

I hope this link will work. This seriously brought me to tears. It’s so hard to believe. To look past all that the world portray. The media. People. My own words enemy is myself. You are worth it. Nothing can ever change that. Nothing anyone says. Nothing anyone does. You are worth it just coz […]

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Edit, I hear the above URL doesn’t work for everyone (I wonder why that is, the above definitely worked for some people) so including this one from Didi – thank you Didi!

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    1. For some reason it doesn’t work for me here but works on my new blog (that’s actually why I posted it there first).
      I’d recommend watching just coz I loved it, was moving. A bunch of their other stuff was cute or touching too.
      How are you?

      1. My dear Eliza,

        I tried again to watch this video, but again it comes with a message that a mistake has occurred. So the best way is, you go directly to the youtube address, copy it and place it in your answer to me again – then it should work.

        I am fine, thanks dear friend, again fine, because I was ill about 3 weeks ago and suffered from a real influenza with fever and strong coughing. Fortunately, I have overcome this illness and am healthy again :)

        Hope you are fine too, dear Eliza.

        A big hug to you

          1. Thank you, dear Eliza, the same I wish for you :)

            Now I could see the video, but first I had to embed you link as a test into my site. Then I had a preview and found the right link to it. If people have problems in seeing your video, you can put the link under your video:

            Thanks for sharing this positive video – we all should also be aware of ourselves and should not just listen what other people tell about us (some are cruel and tell we are fat, we are failures etc.) – such things we should ignore and believe in ourselves, then we can smile again :)

            All the best, dear Eliza and big hugs to you

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