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Hey y’all. It’s the first January WATWB post!!! For those who haven’t been following, WATWB is about spreading kindness around the world. Looking for the good and sharing it. The world is full of negative news. You don’t have to look for it – it’s right there, in your face. WATWB – we are the world blogfest – is about posting something good from the news, once a month. You can join WATWB here.

My posts are pretty much always about the random acts of kindness people do. Such as Rachel’s challenge. The busdriver who saved a life. Bottles of water. Or the library built by a community. I came across a post that gives amazing ideas of how to spread kindness around the world. Rather than just seeking the kindness others do. Spread the kindness. 103 acts of kindness that you can do.

One of the ideas he gives is to sign up for the You Matter Marathon. Follow the link here to see a newsreport about it

The you matter marathon is about giving out you matter cards to 30 people in November. You can find out more through their site I feel like my entire post is one made up almost entirely of links!

I love the message, for similar to the post I wrote about messages, it’s something I wish I could tell the entire world. YOU MATTER. Never give up. You are important. Or as mistermuse kindly shared – sometimes it’s a matter of mattering.

WATWB cohosts this month are Inderpreet UppalSylvia Stein, Shilpa GargSimon FalkDamyanti Biswas .

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So long as there’s life, there’s hope.


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      1. It was funny because I thought that was part of her blog and my brain did not immediately make the connection. (You are 24 … wait til you get to be 62 … it takes a while longer for the brain to recharge sometimes. :) Pam Lazos writes about the environment alot – she is a nature lover. I liked the idea of the “You matter” cards … pass them out Eliza and try to enlighten the world. We could sure use a little more kindness to each other, that’s for sure. That is a worldwide problem for sure. ((((hugs))))) back to you.

  1. Eliza is right and I told her that when I read her post about “you matter” the other day … we do not tell each other enough, nor respect each other nor our surroundings enough – we’ll be preachin’ that message ’til the cows come home!

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