You are beautiful #WATWB

WATWB is about spreading beauty around the world. I missed the Friday post as the email reminder went to my spam. This video isn’t exactly it, as it’s meant to be a newspiece (I think). Being that I’m late and want to just post I hope this counts….. I’m choosing it as we are all beautiful. I know this video focuses on woman but I think it applies to everyone too….. We are all special. I feel like the media focuses on set things. Like all guys are ‘meant’ to be tall, dark, handsome (and riding a white horse). All women petite, narrow waisted, not sure what the media defines as beautiful in women anymore. And it’s all so, fake. We’re all beautiful. Even if we aren’t picture perfect. Even if we don’t fit the image on magazine covers. Even if we aren’t models. Besides that all images are edited to look better than they are through photoshop so we’ve no way to look like that…….

You are beautiful.

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Never forget how special you all are.

Sorry for the incoherence of this post…..


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