Writing prompt: Breath

I haven’t journaled in ages. Coz’ I can’t face it. I probably should coz’ maybe it’ll take away the need to mess up and self harm at the moment. Just to step on the slippery slope. the familiar. Someone suggested I use a writing prompt. So, breath. And yeah, I’m so going to regret posting this.

It hurts to breathe.
It hurts to be.
It hurts to live.
It really hurts to breathe.

Air. Air. You just need air. To be able to breathe. Take another breath. Air. Air. You just need air. A little bit more. A little bit less. Air. Air. You just need air.

I’m way too on edge and dunno how to change it. Or wind it down. Or make it okay. I just want to feel like I can. Breathe.

Breath. People don’t realise. How precious it is. How important. How fundamental. How normal. Neither do I. Neither do I. Breath. Breathe. Just focus. On every. Single. Breath. Just. Breathe. Be. Breathe. Even if and when and though nothing makes any sense.
It hurts.
To breathe.

Love, light and glitter


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      1. Hi Eliza, that’s ok… I’ve not seen you for ages but I think I’ve just missed you.
        It’s going to catch up. Love, light and glitter to you too ?

        1. I’m around a lot less nowadays. Sometimes it’s that I’m busy. Mostly that there’s too much to say so nothing to say at all.

  1. It’s heartfelt, I can regain myself in this post, in your words and it hurts, but in a way I can see a light in between the lines, and never stop belive, you are a beatiful soul?

        1. Can I ask what they mean to you?
          To me butterflies represent learning, growth and freedom (I’ve some butterfly stickers on my wall. I love dolphins best but I like butterflies – for, they just ARE so have them on my wall too)

          1. Ofcourse you can?The orchid flower is a symbol of fertility, which suits you perfectly. Fertility is equal to creativity, in this case, artistic creativity, the very essence of your soul:
«The orchid has been held in high regard since ancient times. It symbolizes
My soul feel like home in this words, and can recognize this. One more thing, Spirituality? and learning, growth and freedom is also a must?
            I love dolphins too?

              1. I am sorry, but one our your coment yesterday was in my spambox, and I try to answer you in the blogpost, but I couldn’t. So therefor I write to you here, because it is really important to me you know I read your coment.
                I am grateful for your prayers and a lovely coment on my poem- memories-
                Thank you so much?
                I really appreciate your support?
                I hope you have a lovely day filled with happiness?

  2. Breathing, so underrated considering how vital it is. It can be hard to slow down, and harder still sometimes to do things that can help bring us back from the edge. I’m so sorry you’re doing it so tough again right now. Hang in there. You’ve overcome worse before, you’ll survive this. You deserve more. Sending lots of hugs  ♥
    Caz xxxx

    1. Thanks Caz. I watched a movie and spoke to people. I feel like I’m a step away from the edge rather than on the edge itself and hope that one day I’ll actually learn how to change that.
      Love, light and glitter…

  3. Beautiful work. The breath keeps us going, even when we don’t want to. Keeps us hurting, but also helps us survive the hurt. Isn’t it crazy how multi-facted that is.

    1. Thank you for passing by M…
      I don’t really know what I think about it. Change my mind all the time :)
      Love, light and glitter…

  4. your desire to experience
    less discomfort & more happiness
    is an age-old quest!
    many have experienced
    real remedies to change
    the cd & listen to sweeter music.
    wishing you gentle success
    on calm in breath
    and out breath in awareness
    at a time. :-)

    1. I love how you rhyme!
      Thanks for reading and replying :)
      My friend did some breathing with me last night
      Love, light and glitter….

  5. What is going on in the world these days, we must feel grateful for every breath that we take … I shudder when I read the horrors of New Zealand and people that were in a house of worship took their last breaths there. Breathe deeply when you are down and right that ship again, okay? Love, light and glitter and many hugs to you Eliza. (((( hugs ))))

  6. well, eliza, since i’ve been feeling very much exactly the same way as you seem to be now, and in s-h danger as well, i will take the word “breath” and go and try to write something. if it works out well, (which might not happen since i’m still suffering from a huge writer’s block), i will post it somewhere where you will easily find it. thanks for the prompt – regrets or no!

    1. if you link me to it I’ll get to see it…. (I’m not really reading anything of anyone nowadays)
      Love, lotsa lotsa light and glitter

  7. Feel your pain .. please read back through your reasons to live posts, read and think about them. You are precious, keep breathing and take a long walk each time you think of self harm … distract yourself with something healthier <3

    1. :) Watched a movie (have you ever seen house bunny?), spoke to a couple of friends – more like let them speak – and eventually got to sleep. I learned that I actually am handling it when I want to mess up. Not anything else, but that I am.
      Love, light and glitter

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