Why is weight the only thing people see???

I’m still getting the ‘wow, you look so good, you lost so much weight’ comments.
It’s a year later. (I lost weight a year ago.. )
And it’s so backhanded.What, I didn’t look good beforehand? And the fumbling backtracking from people who realise what they’ve said ‘I don’t mean that you didn’t look good before you lost weight, I mean that, uh, you’re just looking good now.’ Oh, thanks.
‘you look really good, did you lose weight’?
I’m tired of it. And it frustrates me to no end. Don’t get me wrong. I WANT to look good. I’m a typical girl in that way. I like being told I look good. But that I look good because I lost weight? Is it not possible to look good without it?
Food is already an issue for me. Weight has never been. I never cared. Now I’m starting to care. People’s comments, that just tell me that all they see is the body. Hello? I’m not my body. Why is that all you see? And it’s people I care about too. People I want to like. People I want in my life. Who when they say stuff I just don’t know what to reply for they’re not meant to see the weight, they’re meant to see ME. For who I am…. And they don’t. Is weight the only important thing???

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