What music apps do you like? I’d love suggestions…

What music apps are good? I haven’t listened to music in ages. I forgot how much it helps me. Like now at 4am. Calms me. I need a music app.

What do you use? Preferably free…. and why do you like that one?


Here’s to listening to music after this long hiatus.


3 thoughts on “What music apps do you like? I’d love suggestions…

Add yours

  1. Pandora is what my husband and I use. You give a suggestion of what type of music you want to listen to or an artist,and then it plays music within that same line of music. And you like or dislike songs to help build your unique station. There are present stations you can listen to as well. And last time I checked you can build as many stations as you want. So if you want a rock station and a pop station, you can do that.

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