WATWB: One good deed

WATWB is about looking in the news the last Friday of each month and finding something positive there, both so that you have to look in the news for positivity and to spread happiness. My search was for: One good deed. I came across a few inspiring stories but the one I liked best was about a community who started a new library together when theirs burnt down.

It may have been a small bookshelf but it touched many people.

Book after book has been placed in this new community library, a spot for anyone to drop by and exchange books.

Maybe because I like reading :)

For the moment I’m not connecting to any WATWB links as I can’t actually see how to, but to join, just post the last Friday of every month.

One little action can go a long way….



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  1. I love the idea of scouring the news for something positive. And what a great pick you’ve found, that’s a lovely gesture within the community (I love reading too!) Will give this a try myself and try to look for the goodness that’s reported (sadly always outweighed by the negative, but it is there somewhere) :)

    1. I should try and find the link to join, but I didn’t get an email about it this month and emailed someone earlier, so just gonna do it either way.
      Have a great weekend!

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