WATWB: Be present

WATWB – spreading goodness in the world. Demonstrating that the world isn’t all bad. I always feel like I do this wrong. Anyways, I came across this video, I’m not sure where it comes from

I do know that I really appreciated it. I was thinking that I need a WATWB post and haven’t been online in a week and it’s already Friday… I loved the video for the essence of it was to tell us to be in the moment, and love the life we live. We don’t need to DO, but BE. And the message is one I love.

WATWB cohosts this month are  Shilpa Garg, Inderpreet Kaur UppalPeter NenaAndrea Michaels, Damyanti Biswas

To join WATWB and spread joy in the world click here. For some reason my WATWB explanation/introduction is different each and every time….

Happy Friday!!!


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    1. Thanks for passing by!
      I love the message. To be. I hope to one day live by it….
      Love and light

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