WATWB: Acts of kindness August ’18

What random act has someone done for you?

Hi all to August’s WATWB (We Are The World Blogfest) post. WATWB is about spreading joy and positivity through the world – in a world of darkness be light, by posting a positive post from the news. The news is so often filled with dark, dreary things. The point is a. for us to look for the good, and b. to spread happiness. At the moment I’m under the weather and can’t focus on looking through the news. Those who’ve read my previous WATWB posts know that I usually highlight an act of kindness. Random acts of kindness – #WATWB WATWB: One good deed WATWB: Rachel’s challenge.

WATWB – acts of kindness.

  • The other day I was paying my car park ticket. I’d never driven to the shopping centre before and didn’t have the change necessary. A woman who was paying next to me gave me £1 to pay.
  • I was reversing out of a car park space in a packed car park – blocking both incoming and outgoing traffic. Never mind that I ended up going INTO the car park taking another 10 minutes to get out. It took me FIVE MINUTES to reverse out. Yeah, seriously. I hope I’m a little faster now :). As I finally got into the lane, a woman in the van who had waited for me – stopped the outgoing traffic to allow me to get out – said to me ‘Well done dear, you’ve done really well’ (yeah, 5 minutes to get out of a space).

I was going to link to a reason post for the next 2 but it looks like I didn’t actually write them out….

  • I asked a taxi in a foreign country to take me 2 minutes away – worked out the fare beforehand. For some reason I hadn’t realised that I needed to go another 15 minutes minutes away. He drove me the extra 15 minutes and didn’t ask me for the money….
  • I was in the airport between flights wanting to buy a bottle of water. I needed a European debit card, or Euros – in coins. I had a few notes. I asked a guy by the vending machine if he could change money with me. He bought me water on his card and refused to accept the money from me.
  • I can go listing all the random acts of kindness that people have done for me. Like the day everyone who had ‘right of way’ let me go first One Hundred and One: What happened to road rage??.

What acts of kindness have others done for you?

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As long as there’s life, there’s hope.


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  1. I know there have been many acts of kindness given to me in my life. You have inspired me to write them down so I will remember them! One that crosses my mind now is a neighbor bringing my dog home after she escaped. Oh! And there’s the neighbor an hour away who mowed my parent’s lawn refusing to accept any money. He still mows the front yard for me and it’s been over a year since my father passed away and no one lives there.

  2. Hi Eliza – it’s great you’re writing about them … and yes people can be so generous with their time, thoughts and help – love your stories … and then of course we pay them all forward … take care and cheers – Hilary

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