Waiting for replies

One of the reasons I try not to be on social media too much – I mean emails/wordpress primarily, for that’s what I use most.

Waiting for replies.

I sit here
I wonder
Am I heard
Am I understood
I look
For ‘likes’For comments
For thoughts
I get them
Usually not
I wait
Usually in vain
For replies
For replies
That I’m alone
Social media
Define me
When in reality
I define how isolated I am
Whether virtual people
Hear or don’t hear
I don’t need to be

3 thoughts on “Waiting for replies

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  1. I hear you and always do. Even if I don’t say anything, it just means I’m trying to work out to say.
    But you’re not alone and never will be, if my words are not with you, my thoughts definitely will be.

  2. I hear you always Eliza. I wish I could ‘like’ here instead of comment but I can’t.. but I do always read you.. here and elsewhere.. and try to remind you when I can that I am here for you. I guess I’m more of a one on one type in general though.. rather than reply to post type. I feel too exposed sometimes.. or like I’m muscling in or taking up space or depreciating your words by my concerned and emotional responses.. I often feel like I’m missing something important or doing the wrong thing when I reply.. anyway.. you better know I love you and that I’m always always always an email away. ((((msg))))

    1. You know you always bring me to tears?
      Thank you… I do know. And I hope you know how much I appreciate it…
      And if I can actually let myself cry now it’ll be a really good thing.

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