Too much

The world is so overwhelming and just registers on my radar as ‘too much’. Always. I know not everyone knows what those words mean. It means that something, everything, nothing, is too intense for me and I’m way overwhelmed. Like trying to shower, but instead of a shower, it’s a deluge of water that you’re just trying to stand upright in. I don’t need anything to happen for me to reach that ‘too much’ stage. Just living in the world, breathing, as I said, it’s something, everything, or nothing at all.

I wish I had a sign

That’s too much. Play back. That I could flash at the world to get it to slow down, or just pause for me. Maybe the world should just be on the slow button you used to have on tape recorders. You know the new-fangled tape recorders (I’m sure CD/DVD players, or computers too, I just don’t know about them), I know they’re old-fangled (hey, I just checked, that’s actually a real word – although it’s not registering so on my spell checker) by now, they had on them this button. It was probably the fancy ones that costed money more than the newer. This button that you could set the speed you wanted it to play. So you could keep your tape playing at normal speed, or if you were listening to a lecture where the person spoke way too fast or too slow you could change the speed settings. The world should have such an option. At least in how it registers on the too much radar. To just slow it down a bit. Pause constantly. I wonder if then, perhaps, I wouldn’t be living on the overdrive of everything just being ‘too much’.

What d’ya think?

You are special!


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  1. There was a play/movie a long time ago called, “Stop the World I Wanna Get Off,” or something like that. I think there are times for all of us when we feel so beat up and so tired of living that we just want to retreat, or maybe even run away. When I feel that way, I retreat inside myself and then go out into nature and become part of it. Silence is soothing and renewing and helps to get me back out into the world.

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