THREE: Add a link

I’m taking the same image from my previous reason for this post.

Okay, so in my previous post I just said that I want to prove it’s possible. What that means to me is more than just, prove it can be done, because, it means nothing in and of itself. It means too many things really.
Some of the time, okay, more like all of the time, I really want to give up

One of the things that really help me is seeing those who’ve done it before me.
It’s because of those who’ve done it before me, that I want to show others that they can do it too. That they’re not alone. And that it IS possible. I want to be the continuation to that chain.

Image result for chain with open link

Can I? Who knows…. The only thing I know is that I’ve gotta try. For if I don’t try I’ll never know if I could have been the next link, in the chain of those who have done it, the chain of those who are doing it.

Come add your link….

So long,


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