Thirty Three: Coincidences that aren’t

Do you know when something happens, something really coincidental that makes you feel like ‘Hey, maybe there’s something out there bigger than you, maybe you are cared about’ or ‘Wow’.

Something that happened to me recently. I was telling someone that the people I was referring to when I wrote the post people who believe in me
couldn’t believe in me anymore. I wasn’t believing in anything at the moment, and definitely couldn’t dream of them believing in me, certainly not if they knew how much I was messing up (which of course, took away that reason, which to me is a very real one). When I looked at my phone a while later I saw that one of these people had texted me. She hadn’t even written anything, it was along the lines of how are you or thinking of you. But it was one of those moments. One of those coincidences that aren’t. That made me think for that moment that maybe it was worth continuing to try.


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