Thirty Seven: The light of understanding

I’m going to be away and not sure if I’ll have access or not. I really want to get to Fifty though…..
Now is probably the best time for me to think of and post a reason. Been thinking about all I have here that I can use, and ‘wondering’ in a purely scientific sense what it would do to me if I would take it all. Not thinking about it so much now, been distracting, and it’s just no point in focusing on it at all. It definitely can’t lead anywhere good… ;)

On to Reason Thirty Seven. Have you ever sat with someone and tried to explain something, but, they just didn’t understand what you meant? Have you elaborated, gave it some thought, illustrated your point, demonstrated, had them act it out, or whatever it took, until you saw the light in their eyes? That’s my thirty seventh reason. The light of understanding when someone finally understands something you’ve explained to them. Be it how to thread a needle. Or watching a child read a sign on the door. Or someone understanding and applying the concept you’ve explained.


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  1. That feeling when a friend or partner understands they can not walk a mile in your shoes because no two feet are the same and yet they understand the pain. It is a comfort beyond description.

    1. For some reason I didn’t reply to this then, and I know you probably won’t see it, but yes, yes, and yes. When someone understands even though they can’t do it.
      Love, light and glitter…

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