The Freedom of Driving #187

I was freaking out earlier, so I chose to drive. Driving helps me sometimes.img_20171116_190130_243-1909558221.jpgimg_20171116_190630_6581067891694.jpg

Driving. In the car. Just driving. I’m lucky to live somewhere with awesomeness all around me. I drove around roads with lots of greenery, through tunnels of green, with green all around. Trees. Grass. Foliage. Everywhere. I’m secure enough driving nowadays that I am finally able to enjoy the beauty around me as I’m driving. These pictures aren’t from today.

Driving. The freedom of driving. #187

So long as there’s life, there’s hope.

Love, light and glitter


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  1. Driving as the driver or passenger makes me feel free. Yes, my husband and I finally did get another sports car and I can’t wait to go driving. The last couple of weeks have been so stressful with out of town company and all that goes with that. So ready to go driving :)

    1. I’m glad you’re getting your space back.
      What kinda car did you get? So I can Google it. What redge year – what number plate, although maybe US cars dont have the year as part of the redge which uk cars do. I like living others cars vicariously…
      I hope driving was awesome!

  2. Glad you hopped into the car and got out – I’m not very fond of driving, never have been. I have to drive if I want to go to the bigger parks and other venues, so off I go, but not a fan of expressways, so won’t go there, even though I did before. I don’t drive in heavy traffic enough either, and baby myself where I choose to go, picking my times to drive so not to encounter lots of traffic, rush hour, etc.

    1. My friend does the same. She has never been on a motorway and avoids roundabouts. I’m no longer scared of motorways, instead enjoying the freedom of just driving – though I stayed really local as the mirror was broken so couldn’t go far or fast.

      1. Yes, people on the expressways usually drive way over the speed limit – they whiz by and there are lots of accidents as people are driving, texting, etc. – you have to watch all the time, whether you’re walking or driving. We have roundabouts here too, they are a fairly new thing and not around where I live, in the northern part of town – ritzier area.

  3. Bonus points to you, Eliza, for rdelighting in the scenery around you, and double points to us for getting to hear about them!

    If we’re at all similar, there are particular spots you look forward to seeing, even going out of your way to visit them. Michelin-starred vistas of a sort.

    Of course, you’re a little apprehensive about identifying them specifically to anyone else, because you’re hoping, somehow, that keeping the spot as your secret means they might stay that way forever. So far, it’s worked for me.

    Thanks, Eliza, for inspiring a satisfying moment of post-dinner reverie!

    1. This made me smile. It’s a good thing people aren’t asking me what’s making me smile so much.
      I’m still learning the roads. I’m so lucky to live where I do. I’m surrounded by green and scenery. I’m learning which roads are more and less surrounded by peace. And I’m looking forward to finding all those routes….

      Love, light and glitter

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