The Beach

Reason 33

The Beach

I am filling in for Eliza today….hope I can live up to her standards!  :)  I love the beach.  The waves rolling in peacefully to the shore, time after time since the world began and knowing they will continue through all of eternity.  The sun feeling warm on my face.  Walking barefoot through the sand and feeling the sensations.  Finding shells and feeling calm.   Looking skyward and seeing the fluffy clouds like big fields of cotton and listening to the seagulls calling.  A gentle breeze softly caressing my face.   Just completely letting go and the surrendering of any negative thoughts.  What a great place to visit when you need a break…..

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  1. Growing up near the sea was the greatest joy of my youth. Unfortunately the sun was fierce on my freckled skin but it didn’t stop me spending way too long at the beach. Now, many years later, I’ve retired to live with beautiful views of the sea from every window. Such a joy once again.

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