Ninety One: ‘That’s what scars are for’ – Mandisa

Was just listening to this

I love the lyrics. Especially the part of the chorus.

“They show me where I’ve been
And that I’m not there anymore
That’s what scars are for”

That’s completely what they do. Scars. They show me where I’ve been. They’re also what I can be grateful for. They show me that I’m not where I once was. They show me how far I’ve come. Although I never see the changes, find it hard to see what’s different when there’s all that’s the same, and all that I want to be different that I’m not ready for (like what I wrote here), there is still change. And my scars show me that.

That’s what scars are for.

They’re also to get into random situations like my sister asking me ‘what’s that’ when I was in short sleeved pj’s.’ ‘huh?’ when she explained ‘oh, that, it’s been there for years’ and brushing it off. Really should get some fun comeback answers to reply to the question with :)

Even the fact that I’m okay enough with them to walk around despite the questions I may get, or the people who may recognize it for what it is.

And of course, as Danny shared, they’re badges of honour and tell a story.

That’s what scars are for.


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