Surviving California Fire! Reason One Hundred Forty One

Surviving California Fire!

Surviving a major Natural Catastrophe, such as the Northern California, Camp Fire, that burned over 100,000 acres of forestry, including over six thousand residential homes, and many businesses, nearly wiping out the entire town, just two days ago, is a reason to live!

Trying to drive faster than the flames could catch me, with my Australian Shepherd, two meowing cats, and one hay-munching bunny rabbit, in my Ford Focus, and through the Grace of God, actually making it out alive, is a reason to live!

Knowing that thousands of Firefighters were/are out in this deadly inferno, risking their lives to save mine, and everyone else’s is a reason to live, if only out of sheer respect for these brave Firefighters!

knowing that Police Officers were/are out there in this fiery oven, protecting me, and everyone else, in their noble sacrificial duties to keep us and our property safe from looters is a reason to live, if only to thank these valiant officers and Emergency Crew!

Praising and thanking God everyday of my life, for keeping me, and my loved ones well, alive, and in His Ever Loving Care is a very big reason to live, and rejoice in this life!


Camp Fire – November 2018, Creative Writing

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Surviving A Major Fire! Reason One Hundred Forty One

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    1. Laurie, thank you so much for your kindness. ♥️ Yes, it looks like a war-zone, although I am in another city, right now. Thanks to The Good Lord I got out because the fire happened incredibly fast without much warning. I had about 10 min to get out, with my pets. The Lord kept me from panic even when the giant flames were surrounding my car. ♥️ Thank you, Laurie!

  1. I had no idea that was where you lived Tamara … so you have posted many worthy reasons of why you are alive and I rejoice! You have survived again and are meant to be here with us :)

  2. I am grateful to be alive. YAY!

    I am sad for others who lost their lives, and their possessions. Words cannot express.

    I am in admiration of the Fire Fighters, Rescue Workers, First Responders, Police Officers, and all others who battled this beast so we wouldn’t have to.

    I am in great admiration, as well, of our Soldiers and Veterans who make freedom possible.


    1. Thank you, Eliza! I was scared when I saw that there was raging fire coming at me on nearly all sides. Some people just got out and had to abandon their cars. But, I had my pets with me, and couldn’t just leave them.

      The Lord kept me in peace, though, throughout! And, my pets and I are safe. Thank you, Dear Jesus.

      Thank you for your lovely comment, Eliza.



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