Sunshine On My Shoulders, One Hundred Thirty Two Reasons


on my shoulders;

warm caresses

of breathing life;

Surely, I will endure

one more day,

as this gift-of-gold

does soothe

away my strife!

© 2018 Yancosky

Rhyme Vine Poetry – Yancosky

Survival- Yancosky

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Sunshine On My Shoulders

6 thoughts on “Sunshine On My Shoulders, One Hundred Thirty Two Reasons

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  1. I have been suicidal all my life but somehow continue to get by. I’ve been really down since I retired December 31, 2016. Trying my best to fill up my days again but it’s difficult. Not too many organizations want anything from someone who’s not currently working, even the volunteer organizations and the non-profits.

    1. Russel,

      I have had issues with not wanting to go out anywhere for the last few years, and become isolated.

      If you would like to have an email PenPal, just let me know via of Contact Form on my blog at:

      I will receive your email this way, and we can chat. I isolate myself way too much. I have always done so due to C-PTSD.

      If you do not wish for an email PenPal, absolutely no worries! But, know that you are not alone ☀️

    2. I hope you can find the places that do want you… Someone suggested I volunteer, I think I like that you’re trying to do that.
      I can’t say I know how tough it is – for I know my story, not yours, nor anyone else.
      Love and light.

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