Speck of Hope 191, Tamara Yancosky

Speck of Hope –

Hello, from Tamara!

Today was an especially rough day for me, emotionally. My bad day began from something that happened to me yesterday, and the day before that, as well. This something opened up old wounds that I thought had thoroughly healed through my reasoning skills. 

As an emotional person, sometimes reasoning skills go out the window when triggers seep in through my protection barrier.

Today was no better, but actually worse than even the two days I had just experienced. So then, everything suddenly began triggering me simply because I was already so miserable.

The one thing that kept me going, however, was the single element that has always kept me hanging on: a speck of hope. 

Hope, no matter how minuscule, is the greatest miracle in my life. It is my lifesaver, and my Eternal Blessing.

A speck of hope has been my companion since I was a child, hiding in my bedroom from my abusive, alcoholic mom (and my stepdad who remained a frightening, neglectful stranger to me all of my life).

Hope is a God-Given gift that outshines the darkest and dreariest of days, even if it appears as only a mere speck, at times.

This is the power of hope!

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Tamara Yancosky

Speck of hope, Tamara Yancosky

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  1. Yet, despite it all, you kept the ember alive, Tamara. You cherished it, nurtured it and guarded it. Eventually, that determination became its own spark.

    Soon you had a genuine flame. Far from keeping it to warm you, though, you shared it, to inspire all of us. How can we do anything but return the warmth?

    Whatever your challenges (though I’m guessing they involve gnomes somehow), you’re among friends and admirers now. No longer do you struggle in darkness. Let’s breathe some light into this flame, shall we?

    1. The site doesn’t have a ‘like’ button. When I first created it I did it without the like button so that I wouldn’t obsess with how many likes there were, although if you’re viewing it on wordpress reader rather than through the blog itself you can ‘like’ it.


      I hope today is a better day Tamara and thanks for sharing
      Hope is the little voice that whispers maybe when it seems like the entire world is shouting no.

        1. Oh Tamara, I’m so sorry. Some tough days indeed, but you, my dear, are a warrior gal with a fire inside you and that speck of hope will always burn bright, even when it’s only tiny. I’m always here if you need to chat. Take good care of yourself, rest, be kind to YOU and remember we all think you’re one kick ass lady!! xx

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