Seventy Five: TGIF

Well, I had to wait until a Friday to write this post. But it had to a Friday that I really felt it was a reason.

Angel would tell me this, and I never knew what it meant… Until she clued me in. Thank god it’s Friday.

It’s the end of a really long week. Yet another really long week. I’m glad that it’s Friday, you know, reaching the end of a week.

It means 2 different things to me. First that yay, it’s the end of a week, it’s a break. Second, that I’ve gotten through yet another week. that I did it. The impossible. Seemingly impossible. Well, getting through a week doesn’t always seem that impossible, but sometimes, oftentimes, it really does. This week was one of those. I feel like ‘those’ weeks are all it’s been for the past few weeks. Just waiting for the week to end. Oh well. I’m always thinking it’s at least a day later than it is. That’s the best part. Mixing up my days, for it has to be at least Thursday when really it’s only Tuesday. The oh god, is it really only Monday today? Well, as I said, thank god it’s Friday


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