Sixty Five: Being present

I usually live completely in my own head. It’s as though I live on a parallel universe to the world. Mixing metaphors here, but, it’s like the universe is travelling on one train track and I am on my own train on the track next to it. I see what happens in the other train through the windows but I am on my own train.

The past day I spent really present in the world, completely present with the people around me. It’s not like I haven’t been on my own at all, for I have. As I once heard someone say, bathroom breaks were created for a reason. I am sitting outside now alone, typing this on my phone, totally present. Feeling the breeze blowing. Hearing the wheels of a bike. Just, present. It’s something pretty rare for me. The quote:

I live in my own world. It’s okay, they know me here

Could have and should have been coined for me.

Living in the world. Being present. It’s fun whilst it lasts.

So long,


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