SIX: You’ll never know what could have been.


Today seems – ARGH. Eventually got to sleep last night, my head was in a messy place. This morning it’s as much of a mess. Oh well. Onto reason six. It doesn’t come to mind automatically….. It would be pretty awesome if I had a list of reasons in my head to just pick and choose from. Well, I don’t. That’s really why I want to do this…. To find those reasons. To focus on them. Instead of on the question that so often overtakes everything – Why live? Why….?

SIX: You’ll never know what could have been.

The world is open in front of you

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There is an expression

The world is your oyster.

There is an entire world in front of me. Sometimes, pretty much always, all I can see is just this moment. So often it isn’t a moment I want part in…… But this moment ISN’T the only moment in time. The past moments aren’t the only moments in time. Who knows what could be? Who know the dreams that I could fulfill? Who knows the places I could visit, the people I could help, the opportunities that’ll be presented to me?


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  1. I know I want to protect myself from what’s out there to hurt me, to protect myself from myself, but also to protect others from myself. All that takes a lot of energy and so I want to be the best me I can be so that I draw good things to me, good opportunities and good people. And in turn, good people and places draw me to them. (If that makes sense)

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