Reflection, Reason 181


Hey, there! It’s Tamara, again, and I’m on a roll!

As far as Reason #181, I love the Lord’s warm, loving reflection upon my heart, as a major reason to find joy in being alive!

In this poem, I am feeling rather blue from the bitter cold, but the Lord comes through (which is really no surprise as long as we trust him).


Winter had come quite early for her,

though in reality, it was still early autumn;

she wore a coat, hat, and gloves,

which indicated that she had finally hit rock-bottom.


On every corner she came upon,

it seemed that the freezing winds blew stronger;

so, pushing down tightly on her cap, she walked,

wondering if winter was going to last much longer.


Then, one day, the gloomy winter season changed for her,

since, having nothing left, her trust in God began increasing;

thus, the sun started shining brighter in her heart, right then,

and she removed her coat due to the cold air ceasing.


In surrendering her trust and faith to The Lord,

her dark days brightened due to His warm reflection;

so, when the real season of winter finally did show,

she remained warm by His love, and comforting protection!

Overcoming Blues, Yancosky


Despite paralyzing trials and tragedies in which we all struggle, overcoming even the deepest of blues is entirely possible! I remember to take hold of God’s Hand, during even the fiercest storms, and fully surrender my trust to Him, in prayer and faith.

But, I need to remember to actively do this everyday, not just as a one-time deal. In this way, I will always overcome and persevere, and have the final victory in His warm, beautiful reflection, and radiant joy!

Thank You, god, for making ‘overcoming of blues’, not just possible, but entirely probable!

Tamara Yancosky 

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  1. Together, Tamara – you, your readers, the Almighty; us – we make the journey together. We share the challenges and exult in the triumphs.

    What’s next? What new vista inspires, unimaginably now, just past this bend?

    Not yet, not yet – I’m still writing the next chapter! Don’t you want to see what happens tomorrow?

    1. Yes, I do wish to see what happens tomorrow. But, more than for me, I wish to be an intercessor prayer warrior for my loved ones who are in need of prayer.

      We can not do this without God; none of us can. I wish I was stronger; but, He is strong enough for us all.

      Awe, thank you for your lovely comment! Please come back! ♥️


      1. Oh, the curtain hasn’t fallen yet; we’re still in Act I, in fact. Rather poor time to head for the lobby, if you ask me.

        That’s why we’re here, to help make the journey as pleasant as possible for each other. We’ll never meet the vast majority of our correspondents, at least not in the current season, but the richness our efforts create are ours to keep forever. We’re building an eternity here.

        Could my metaphors have been any more obscure? Unlikely.

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