Eighty Three: Stray pets

Guest post by Alicia

One of my most powerful reasons are my four stray pets. And, if I could afford it, I’d have some more. I owe all the animals I met in my life the feeling of being loved, the way I am, unconditionally. My parents loved me very much, but they had expectations about me. Sometimes I disappointed them because I couldn’t measure up to them, and sometimes they couldn’t understand that what they wanted for me was not what I wanted my life to be.

Because of this, I was very jealous. I was an only child but was always fearing the arrival of a sibling. In my mind, it was simple math: if you’re two, love has to be divided…
into halves…

It was not until FIVE YEARS AGO that I finally understood: one day, I was at home, surrounded by my pets, as usual. Looking at them together, I realized I loved them all 100 %!!! So now I know: love is never given in portions; love MULTIPLIES ITSELF ENDLESSLY.


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