One Hundred and Fifty Eight: Broken phones

Broken phones. One Hundred and Fifty Eight. I broke my phone the other day. I know, it seems like a strange enough reason – breaking a phone. But yet there it is. Or here it is. Whichever you may. I dropped my phone on the road and I’m pretty certain it was driven over by cars. A really nice guy on a bike rang my phone for me and delayed himself by a few minutes whilst waiting for me to find my phone. There are nice people everywhere I go. People who do me favours for no reason other than me being another human being – which is why I love all my random act of kindnesses posts, like the guy who gave me bottles of water, the bus driver who stopped not on his route, the taxi driver who took me to my end destination for the original price – 4 times further. Or on Sunday the guys who changed seats for me so that I could have a seat in the direction I wanted.

Sidetracked. Whoops? Broken phones. I broke my phone. I’m surprised that it’s taken me 2 years to do it. I’ve dropped my phone numerous times – it is in a case which a screen protector. I’ve left my phones on the shop counters. Anywhere and everywhere. The most memorable is when I had a worker in the airport returning my phone to me as we – the last people boarding – were getting onto the flight. I’d left it in a random bathroom at least 20 minutes earlier. So the fact I’ve only smashed my phone now – the screen is broken glass and I can’t use it – is really quite amazing. I’ve smashed my phone. Broken glass. That song by Rachel Platten has been playing about in my head now for a while. I’m finding it entertaining to hear how I’m so distractable. Usually when I write reason posts I’m more focused. I think! Maybe you’ll all tell me differently…..

Anyways, so I broke my phone. And that’s a reason. Yup, really! Coz’ everything really is if you let it. This time it’s a reason because I was without a phone for over a day – not so long. Now I’m using a ‘normal’ one by that I mean not a smartphone. It’s frustrating that none of my texts that I received when I didn’t have a phone have come through. I travelled without a phone. I was okay. I went to work without a phone. I was okay. It’s really fun to be out of contact. When I was on hols recently there was very little reception (network or whatever you call it elsewhere) about. I couldn’t text or call people. It’s actually freeing. And fun. So I broke my phone. Reason, um, I think this is 158. I’ve said it so many times I shouldn’t have to check to confirm, but I do. Have to check I mean.

The other reason about my broken phone. The other way my broken phone is a reason. My broken phone is worthy of a reason post for another aspect too. Gosh, I can’t get it to sound grammatically correct at all! Why’m I trying to???? I’ve been wanting a new phone for a while. One that has more than 16gb of memory space. I decided against buying one as I don’t have the money at the moment. Well, now I’m going to have to buy one! I don’t plan on buying one before March as I don’t have a way to get any money for it – unless I use my credit card which is automatically paid off by my debit card each month. Maybe. So I’m going to get a new phone. Which I’ve been wanting. I probably will look for an A5 2017. As that’ll cost about 150. Although EE didn’t have any 2017 phones. Hopefully I’ll find one around that price. I guess we’ll find out. I’m looking forward to a new phone. I’m hoping samsung can retrieve my missed messages and things. I’m hoping my new phone will automatically upload all my pictures that are backed on samsung cloud – else I’ll really cry. I’ve some awesome, fantastic, pretty, gorgeous, absolutely stunning pictures on there. Both of the nature – like the videos of the ocean crashing – and of us.

Broken phones. 158. I also get to witness the good side of people when I break my things.

Broken phones. Broken glass – please note the broken glass on the phone is so pretty! I wish I could fix my phone just to capture it…..

So long as there’s life, there’s hope,

Love and light,


There better be no spelling or horrendous mistakes here as I’m late and don’t have time to check it over. I’ll pretend that I usually check over my posts. I rarely, rarely do. Though I often reread to change the spaces that are incorrect or stuff like that.

What is your reason to live today?

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  1. Eliza – my boss has a Samsung Galaxy and he often leaves the phone at home, or leaves the phone at work and gets home and realizes it. He uses the phone a lot – the office phone is the last place people try him, they try the cell first. So I found out how to call to retrieve cell messages from a landline or another cellphone. I imagine it is same technique but you may need to call your carrier if your phone carrier is not listed here (likely since you are in the UK) … try and see … I’m sure they have a way to retrieve them in the meantime til you get your new phone. Probably can retrieve texts though I don’t know how to do that:

      1. Yes, try that – call your carrier and I know you can access all the major carriers over here – my boss goes on vacation to exotic locales or to places where the roaming charges for the cellphone would be very high, so I check for his phone messages then text him from my computer if it is important. You sometimes can access what calls you made and the length of call and time of day, so likely you can access text messages too.

        1. Oh cool, it’s text messages I’m worried about, though not so anymore. I don’t actually have any sim at the moment for now my sim card isn’t registered (I ordered a new one which didn’t come but it’s deactivated my old one already).

          1. I see – hopefully it all comes together soon … I don’t have a smartphone but I know it is frustrating, much angst for my boss when he misplaces his. He lost it for three days in December – I tracked the phone down using GPS … I was a hero!

            1. I’m sure you were! Tracking with GPS is super cool.
              I’ve already broken my phone though, and lost my sim so now I’m without any phone :)

              1. I thought so too – my boss was at a meeting with two guys. One guy is our tenant at the office. Robb’s phone went missing. I tracked the phone by pinging it and found it in a City where our tenant lives. It was about 1/4 mile away. I told Robb (my boss) not to go there, but to ask the tenant to go to the house and ask if someone had found the cellphone and taken it into the house. It was cold (December). Not that they stole the phone, just found it – he had made stops for gas, and to get munchies – it was a Christmas get together at a client’s office. It turned out the tenant picked up the phone thinking it was his (he also has a Samsung Galaxy, but he also has a second phone as a backup) … the guys took their phones out when they got to the meeting. The tenant packed up and put Robb’s phone with his stuff. He didn’t realize it til I tracked the phone down. I kept ringing the phone in the hope someone would pick it up. Essentially I found the phone … the house where it showed up was close by so the GPS was a little bit off – the house was owned by a detective at the police department and the tenant was friends with them. The phone was in the tenant’s briefcase all along. SMH.

                  1. My boss once said to me “how does a person with such a small family (it was just my mom and me and my mom passed away 9 years ago today) manage to know so many stories??? Well this one included him. He was prepared to offer a reward to get the camera back … he was leaving for Mexico within a week and wanted to know have to go through getting a new phone and all that like you have to do.

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