One Hundred and Fifty Seven: Blurring or pausing and being. (REBLOG)

This is a reblog. Thank you Kate!!! I thought her poem tells us to pause, to be, which, although it wasn’t what she wrote, also means to recognise and live with the awesomeness of the world (like the chirping birds I hear right now, or when I’m up in the night).

Most of us just drift through life
so focused on our daily strife
that we seldom take stock
of the bigger picture, what we really want ..

Swept along in the blur of busyness
do you dare heed your dreams?
Or so complaisant in societal obligations
rigidly conforming without pause!

Think a moment, what is your purpose?
Is this busy blur doing you any kindness?
What might benefit you more?
Can you accomplish that without being too poor?

Assess your values and goals
make some changes before you suffocate
buried by your own burdens
please don’t die wondering …
if you could have made that change?

So long as there’s life, there’s hope.


Would you be interested in sharing a reason to live – along with a title – here?

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  1. We are all travelling a long road and need to interact with one another positively or with at least a nod of the head, a smile … very often I am out walking and people look at the ground and don’t even make eye contact – I don’t dwell on it, but I sure don’t understand it Eliza. You can be preoccupied but must acknowledge another person’s presence because … a wise person said:
    “So long as there’s life, there’s hope.”

    1. Hey, you know what my friend put up in the staffroom the other day (I teach), she put up a sign that manners in the community used to always be when you passed people in the street you’d wish them a happy weekend and we should really get back to it and make the place as welcoming as it used to me. Not so much here, but sometimes when I go places and say hello to people they look me up and own like I’m weird.

      1. I agree with you Eliza- that’s a great idea and that drives me crazy too when people will look down, or the other way, to avoid making eye contact. It makes no sense – I don’t know them, I’d not going to bother them, ask them for money or ask what the time is? So why be rude? I get the same looks as you if I say hello. It is said, (but it is not confirmed on Snopes), that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile so that is a good reason right there not to look at your feet and scowl.

        1. Hey cool! I don’t always say hello and smile to the people I pass, often it’s a glimmer of a smile or a nod, but I try to acknowledge most the people because they’re there…. although I guess people are sometimes sad and don’t want to see the smile, or wonder why on earth I’m saying hello and wishing them a good day…

          1. No, I don’t always make it seem like I’m Little Miss Sunshine either because that would be intrusive to people lost in their thoughts, but mostly I’m not understanding why people seem to go out of their way to cast their eyes down or purposely avoid your gaze? That just mystifies me the most.

  2. oh precious, best way to keep it ready for reading

    … every single living being is precious, we all have a purpose for being here just that some of us take longer to find what our purpose is. But everyone we meet, each interaction is having a ripple effect on those around us. That’s why it’s best to stay positive and friendly :)

    We are interdependent threads of one large tapestry and if one thread is cut too soon the rest will unravel :(

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