Ninety Three: Blossoms

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  1. These are beautiful blossoms – there is nothing like that day in Spring when all the flowering trees blossom at once, then the green leaves come out on the trees, making canopies over the street. My favorite season is actually Autumn, but this is a glorious sight after a long, cold, dark Winter!

    1. My uploading feature on my blog doesn’t work at the moment, and for some reason all the autumn pictures aren’t showing on my autumn post (I would’ve linked it too). I’ve so many pictures of autumn this year. I love the myriad colours.

      1. A few weeks ago I did some funny pictures and wanted to use the captioning feature and it did one or two and the rest didn’t work. Autumn is usually my favorite season – we were so cheated out of our Autumn this year – we had a hard frost the last week in September!
        Autumn was cold and rainy, then ice, some snow and I never got my roses cut down until the end of November:

      2. You know Eliza … I just published a post. I type in Word and cut-and-paste it over. I did that and everything was very tiny and the pictures were very small, I just left them as I couldn’t see to edit them. So I think it must be some kind of WP issue – my eyes were bleary from writing and it’s late so I couldn’t proofread it a final time like I usually do. Everything seems in slow motion in WordPress tonight!

        1. Maybe I’ll try getting it on google docs and copying. You never know… if it works it’ll be cool (I’ve copy pasted but although I can do it with some pictures I think it’s the links that work not my own).

          1. I’ve never used Google docs before … I store them in this old laptop but also upload to Shutterfly – I had a difficult time over the holidays retrieving my pictures, even all through December as everyone was making photo projects for the holidays.

              1. These are beautiful photos Eliza – the boat looks so small in comparison to the cliffs. When I was in England I visited the White Cliffs of Dover but they pale in comparison to these.

                1. I really have to go visit Dover. These cliffs were more than awesome… if I could figure how to upload vidoes – which show the length as I couldn’t take a picture – I would have done so.

                  1. It was awesome – I have to learn how to take videos with my camera too – that is my project for Winter, to learn the camera inside and out. We will be having those snowy weekends where you stay in the house and I’ll do it then. A fellow blogger game me a site to go to where I can get a series of tutorials … I bought a “Dummies” book, but if I can see videos, I’d like that better. I’d like to learn how to do videos in the Park … I’d practice with the squirrels first.

                    1. What kinda camera do you have? I think there is either a red circle button that you press to record/video, or there is a wheel and you turn it to video (although to be honest, I can’t figure out cameras, my student at school helps me when I need to use anything other than my phone)

                    2. Hi Eliza – My compact digital is a PowerShot ELPH 340 HS … I love it as it is so simple to use. My DSLR I just got in June 2018 is a Canon Rebel T6. I got it as my research made it seem that this was the best/easiest camera to transition to from a smartphone or digital compact. I don’t have a smartphone. I thought someone told me you have to reformat the disc, so this was what I thought I’d better learn about. When I got the DSLR, they had the memory cards on sale so I got one that is 64GB so I have a lot of room – just need to learn how. The Winter is inching closer – we have an ugly morning today … slick, and crusty inch of snow, so I’m not going out. But when the “real Winter” arrives, I’m going to hunker down and learn some things.

                    3. I thought so too and then the weatherman wrote a caption on his forecast that went like this: “Metro Detroit weather whiplash: Brace for big drop in temperature.” I saved that headline because I am going to use it somehow. I’m already ready for Summer. (Remind me when I complain about the humidity that I said that, but at least you don’t worry about going out in the ice and snow and taking a tumble or sliding off the road.)

          1. Those were amazing Eliza – thanks for sending this … I actually went through all of them – fascinating… the birds … I didn’t realize that this was true, like color blind? I had pet birds through my life – lost the last one two years ago and since it is just me, really was painful, so no more pets. But birds are really intelligent, and I don’t know why people call them birdbrains. (I can’t believe how late it is – I’m going to have to catch up in Reader tomorrow. My long walk and drive and blog post – wow – where did those hours all go?)

            1. Yeah, sometimes the hours just disappear. I often ask a kid I walk home from school whether it was a long day or short day. She told me that in the winter all days feel like long days.

              1. That’s true because that “get up in the dark, leave in the dark, come home in the dark” mindset gets to you after awhile. We sell a lot of those artificial sun light boxes over here for seasonal depression – are those a popular item in the UK? They recommend just sitting in front of them 1/2 hour a day to improve your mood.

                1. I’ve never seen them although I’ve read about them. Have you ever tried them? I definitely find that sunny/blue sky days (like today!) are way easier to handle than the grey days – which are pretty much every day.

                  1. That’s how I have felt about the recent sunny days we have had – I felt like I really wanted to get out and enjoy them. I love Autumn and ours was gray and dismal, and we had a drought in the Summer which lasted around 4-6 weeks and it messed up the trees and most of them dropped their leaves before they turned color – so Autumn was kind of a bummer this year, especially with the rain all the time. Autumn is my favorite season. I have a light because I had a canary and canaries are very susceptible to how many hours of light they have during the day. They sing according to the light, so when there is less light and short days in Winter, the pet store and bird experts advise that you have a spectrum light for them to encourage their singing. I still have it. I do put it on in the morning while I make/eat breakfast, but I can’t say it does any good – but people who suffer from seasonal effective order swear by them.

                    1. I’ll look it up. I wonder if it’ll help if it’s the real sunlight that’s missing and the blue sky. Fakeness can’t really make up for it.

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