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It seems like I joined this list – We are the world blogfest – which seems to be about spreading light, to share news stories about light. I’ve never done this before, and am sure that whatever I do will be wrong, as it’s anyways wrong, I may as well just get on with it :) and worst is, I make a mess of this post. Wouldn’t be the first or last. The co-hosts for WATWB this month are Shilpa Garg, Simon Falk, Lynn Hallbrooks, Eric Lahti, Damyanti Biswas and Guilie Castillo. It has to be linking to a post from the news. My google search was ‘Random acts of kindness’. An entire repertoire came up! I chose this one, I’m not sure why especially. It’s about a guy of 90. Maybe I chose it because he’s an elderly guy. It was this, or about a child of 7.

The last paragraph of the news report reads:

And just before leaving, one recipient handed Montgomery the sleeve from her coffee cup to give to her dad. Written on the sleeve were these words:

“Mr. Joseph, Happy Birthday! Today is the anniversary of my losing the most important man in my life, the man who raised me and taught me about unconditional love and joy. It is always a hard day for me. His name was Joseph. Thank you! I can’t help but feel connected through your celebration of your life. You were MY gift today.”

You can see the full article here: http://www.statesboroherald.com/section/1/article/83608/

Oh, I know why I chose this one. This one brought me to tears. In a world of darkness, spread light, be light. To join the we are the world blogfest (I hate that word) and spread light that you see click here.

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  1. Eliza, Your post is beautiful and warm, and a wonderful tribute to life and seeing the best there is in it. You’re not wrong. You’ve chosen well. I’m so pleased you joined in to spread light and love in the world. Let it shine on you too, for you are indeed worthy.

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