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It’s nearing 2 years. Since I promised to give life a go. In the past year we have posted 130 reasons so far. Thank you Tamara, Hadas, Ricky, Dan and Sharon for posting your reasons. My goal for the 19th of October 2019 is to have 250 reason posts. Meaning a reason every 3 days or so. I can’t do that on my own and would love your help getting there. If you are happy to post a reason on my blog- be it just the once, or be it however often you want – like (bi)monthly/(bi)weekly, please be in touch!

Reason posts have a preferably specific title including the number and a post about the reason – the length of it depending on the whim of the moment. My reason posts vary from sentences to paragraphs or even just a saying.

To post your reason:

To post your reason you need To be a contributor on my blog. Either I can invite you with your email address. Or I can add you directly. To do so I need to know the username you would like to use, the name, and an email address. Optional, is a blog/website which would automatically be linked to your posts (I think). Once I have added you, you can post. If you are happy to post, please use the contact page or email me at

The other way for you to share your reason is for me to post it for you. For which I need the name you want to go by, the title and the content.

Please be in touch!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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