People Inspire Me, 121, Tamara Yancosky

People Inspire Me

There are some truly special people out there, who have a way of touching our heartstrings, that make life all the more worth living!

These are usually the kind of people who totally “get us”; it’s as if they are part of our own tribe, so to speak.

Their words are sincere (as seen by their actions), they actions are considerate of our feelings, and they carry an attitude that inspires, motivates, and energizes us. They make us smile!

In their honesty, they do not hold back from letting us know what we need to know, but they do it with such courtesy, sensitivity, and tact, that it makes us want to hear more, thus inspiring us toward the best possible version of ourselves in which we are capable.

These people are authentic, trusted, counted on, and will have our back, when in need. This is not to say that they are wearing hero-capes, and can do no wrong. On the contrary, they are authentic and honest enough to carry the many faults that they do carry- just as we all do- gracefully, by making no excuses, nor taking their hardships out on others.

In fact, these are the same pe who get back up, dust themselves off, and carry on in the realization that they are human, and indeed, fallible. And, by watching their examples, they show us how we, too, can rise up from our many faults, and to do so without self-condemnation or endless speeches entailing each one of our regrets in life (which inevitably will paralyze us with depression), which I am sure most of us shoulder.

In summary, people, special people, whom we might even consider our own “personal heroes” are an extraordinarily wonderful reason to attach our wings, and be thankful for life!

In fact, if you know one of these inspiring people, presently (or even more than one!), I bet you are smiling even now! Yep, there you go…!

Hugs to all,


People Yancosky

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  1. So true! I think these people are rare, but they are out there – my mum would be mine. There are so many people in this world that you can form a tribe, or even get one of these special people to connect with, so if you don’t already have one you can. It’s a two way street and I think you can get a lot from being that person from someone else too. Such a brilliant reason and a lovely post :)

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