One Hundred and Twenty Seven: Meeting Coral On a Plane Ride

Plane rides. Sometimes they’re the most boring of journeys, sometimes they’re complete opposite. They can be a journey to a destination, and sometimes the journey can be the destination itself. Isn’t that always so?

I’ve been on eventful and uneventful flights. There was the time I thought the plane would crash (it wouldn’t have, but it was shaking away). The time it was calm throughout, blue skies. The time I nearly passed out. The time I read/journaled and learned a lot. I’ve sat through flights lost in thought. I’ve sat through flights reading. I’ve sat through flight listening to music. I’ve sat through flights journaling. I’ve sat through flights eating. I’ve sat through flights talking.

This was one of those flights. A pretty empty flight in which I had the pleasure of meeting a guy called Coral. Well, not really, really he’s called something different, but

Image result for coral


I’ve never yet been diving, one day I’d love to.

It was fun to meet A. If you read this A (or coral) – thanks for your company :).

Love and light!


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