One Hundred and Twenty Eight: Letting myself cry

The world hurts at the moment. I’m in tears, feeling really alone- which I pretty much am. Tired of trying and just want a break.

Yet I’m grateful. That I can cry. That I can let myself cry.

Something so rare as it was always unsafe. I’m glad I can cry. That I can let myself. Let myself know that right now everything just hurts so damn much. And I don’t really know that it’s worth it to continue trying. Trying to get help to change things. Trying to change. Trying to be. And that’s okay. I can cry. Which I’m grateful for.

I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say.

So long


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  1. I often feel better after a good cry. I just watched a YouTube video about Nike offering an athlete with cerebral palsy a professional contract that moved me to tears.

  2. HUGS! You should only experience joy Eliza.
    Sorry we couldn’t meet up in the end and sorry I haven’t been an avid reader on our blog lately. But you have been in my heart and in my prayers.

  3. Just a {hug} back as yours really helped the other day. When I get tearful I lose myself in music, I have to keep it together for my daughter but sometimes I’m bursting to let it all out. Take care D.

    1. Thank you Jay. I appreciate your taking the time to reply.
      I wish I could just sit and cry and cry. Maybe one day…

  4. maybe just to exist in the moment however it is. a reaction and a desire to react. and the act of being just like a plant growing in a difficult spot like a crack in a sidewalk. cant be much fun. but there it is anyway. i’ve always heard the concrete fails. the plant wins. i’ve even seen it happen. life ends up grateful even in adversity. its me, so its just a thought. you help me even when you are not sure eliza and that is power and sunshine. its what i see.

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