One Hundred and Thirteeen: The five second rule

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Mel Robbins has a 5 second rule which I googled.Thank you Beka

The 5 second rule, in a nutshell is that any time you have an idea you have 5 seconds for the impulse before your body/brain puts its’ brake on it. 5 seconds. So next time you have an idea, do it then and there, before you press the internal snooze button. It made me think, that it could be applied the other way too. If we have 5 seconds to act on a thought, then when we, I, want to mess up, I can just wait 5 seconds for it to pass. I can either engage with it in those 5 seconds, and fight, struggle, battle. Or I can acknowledge it, let it pass, and move on to something else. For those 5 seconds will pass.

5 seconds. Next time you want to do something, give yourself the 5 seconds. Either do something about it – whether it’s to pick up the phone, do a jumping jack, or find some colours – or the converse, of waiting 5 seconds for it to pass.

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Note: I came across Mel’s site and a longer Ted Talk which I watched, too.

You’re Never Going to Feel Like It

To watch the ted talk click here.

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  1. actually eliza i really have been thinking about this often since i read it yesterday or the day before (?). but i was thinking of it when there were no real opportunities around. but if i think this way habitually , i will probably remember when there is an opportunity. we will see what happens eventually.

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