One Hundred and Sixteen: To Believe in Possibility

Is it possible
I wonder
Is it possibleTo understand myself
To know myself
To recognise what is happening
To identify what is going on
Is it possible
For me to handle myself
To feel safe within myself
Find a sense of security/stability
Within myself and the world
Is it possible
I wonder
To know my own boundaries
To be able to keep my own boundaries
To know others boundaries
To keep others boundaries
To know what I expect from others
To discuss my expectations with others
To handle it when they aren’t met
To handle it if they can’t be met
Is it possible
I wonder, is it possible
To want the possible
To want things within
The realm of reality
Is it possible
To centre myself
To stay present in the world
Stop feeling like an alien
Give myself what I need
Is it possible
To believe I’m worth it
To know I’m worth it
To know I deserve it
To love myself
Is it possible
To change my beliefs
Believe it’s safe to exist
Safe to think
Safe to feel
Believe I’m not guilty for existing
Know it’s okay to be me
Even if others disagree
Is it possible
To know who I am
To know what I want
To know what I like
To know what I don’t like
Is it possible
For me to say what I want
And have others listen to me
To feel as though I’m not invisible
As though I matter to others
Is it possible
I wonder
To trust
To love
To believe others can care
To believe others do care
Is it possible
To find touch safe
To enjoy healthy touch
To live in a world
Really live in this world
Is it possible
To love the life I live
To live a life I love
Being present, and present (both kinds of ‘present’)
Giving, being, existing
Without escaping
Without the need for destruction
Is it possible, I wonder
Is it possible, I wonder
For today, I choose
To believe
In possibility


Note: I know this post focuses on all I want, not on all I have. There is so much that I’ve learned, that I’m so grateful for. Both are true.

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