One Hundred and Forty Four: Journaling

Journaling. One hundred and forty four. I can’t believe I’ve never written this as a reason before…. I mean, journaling, c’mon, it’s one of the first! Well, really it’s not the first, as can be seen, it’s reason 144.

Journaling. Be it by hand or on the laptop (I’ve used 4 journals at least asides for pages on the computer this year). I’m grateful for the gift of journaling. I’m grateful for all that writing gives to me. I’m grateful that I have a way to put down what I think into words. Talking is something I find difficult to do. I’ve only recently begun finding talking per se safer. I’ve recently begun sharing my life with people. Up until recently, the ONLY way I had to express myself was through journaling. Journaling. Without it I’d still be living behind the walls I always lived behind, with absolutely no way to get out. I’m grateful. For journaling. Just writing.

Do you journal? If yeah, how do you do it (I’d love ideas and just to hear how people write)?

One Hundred and Forty Four. Journaling.


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  1. Journaling is great. I used to journal in my head, but actually writing thoughts down is so much better. I think once you see those thoughts on paper you can begin to understand what might be going on inside your head and how to improve things.

    1. Thanks Michele
      I thought of what you wrote today when was trying to decide whether to journal through what I realised when I’ve anyways thought it. So, I wrote it :) And a letter to 9 year old me. Which maybe I’ll copy out (though if I do it’ll be password protected so if anyone wants to read it they’d have to ask for the password).
      How are you doing?
      Love and light

      1. Hi Eliza. I’m doing well, just a busy time of the year with Christmas shopping etc. I’m not really into the holidays and all the running around, but I do it for my two twin granddaughters. They are 12 now and once into the teens I think it will be money or gift cards and be much easier. How are you doing? I need to read your letter to your 9 year old self. Take care. Hugs to you.

        1. Hope you found them something nice! It’s amazing to watch them grow up…
          I’ll email you the password for that letter.

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