One Hundred and Fifty Six: A matter of mattering

Reasons to live. A matter of mattering. You matter to someone, someday, somewhere.

Thank you mistermuse for sharing your reason here.

It seems to me that if someone can’t find a reason to live for him or her self, there are others to live for. Even a person with no loved ones has something to give to others, whether it be “just” a blog to inspire, inform, or entertain, or volunteer work, or just ‘being there’ for someone who needs someone to relate to. In other words, there is all the reason in the world to live if you matter to someone somewhere.

Which if not today, one day you will.

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    1. Thanks Linda! I appreciate hearing that. More a matter of believing it to start off with.
      I hope you know that you matter….

      1. You’re welcome Eliza – too many people just don’t take the time to connect with each other these days … people rush about, connecting with others only through their phones or devices half the time … I think we have forgotten how to communicate to each other a lot of the time. Thank you for saying that too – as a person who lives alone, works from home and is without family … it is nice to know that others care.

          1. We can care for people whether they stand next to us, or are far away – just a few mouse clicks and we are there – hugs back at you and I want to share something with you … this is very peaceful. I go on this site to light candles and they have a nice quote and picture every day so I try to go one once a day. It is called The Gratefulness Org. So I was there a few minutes ago and saw this story about a guy who has spent decades recording sounds of nature … I just was listening to some of them while working – I know you will like the birds tweeting. I hope you can open the website … I know in the past I have sent things to other folks in the U.K. and there are problems opening the link. Here is the link to the “Sound Sanctuary” – pick a sound and breathe deep … I love this. I used to have some radio headphones with some sounds like these, plus a train rattling over the tracks, the surf at the ocean – very relaxing. (((((((hugs)))))))

                1. why didn’t I see any of these????? No clue….
                  Hope you have a really happy weekend. And peaceful. And that it’s not too cold…

                  1. Well, cold it will be and colder in a few more days – I still want to zip over to Spring. I hope your weekend is happy and peaceful too Eliza – I shall listen to some of the nature videos that sound like Spring to perk me up!

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