One Hundred and Fifty Five: The ability to be mindful


One Hundred and Fifty Five. I’ve about 2 minutes to write this and have to turn the laptop off. And have 25 hours with no laptop, no phone, and no writing. I was journaling today and yesterday! I’m so grateful that I was. For I haven’t been able to access my world in a while as it just wasn’t safe enough to do so.

Mindfulness. I was practicing mindfulness last night when I couldn’t fall asleep. Focusing on breathing. Letting myself breathe. Then noticing different sounds or sensations that came in and out of focus. It’s not the mindfulness practice that I’m grateful for here so much as the ability to be mindful. To let myself be. Without freaking out. Without immediately tuning out and cutting off. Not like I tune out so far, but enough that I hate it. I love it when I’m able to be with myself. I’m grateful for the moments I’m able to do so.

The ability to be mindful. 155.

So long as there’s life, there’s hope.

Every moment is a new moment – what will the next moment bring?


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  1. Well I’ll miss you without your cyberspace connection across the pond. :) Are you just having a day of being “unplugged” – do tell? You’ll have plenty of time to practice mindfulness while being unplugged. The world needs to unplug more often – I’m a big offender as well, but I don’t have a smartphone so I log too many hours on my computer. To use your tagline … So long as there’s life, there’s hope.

      1. I see and now I know you will disappear every Friday evening – you had not mentioned the 25 hours or Shabbat before – {{{hugs}}} back at you (pardon my cold arms though – very cold here … furnace just kicked on again!) :)

          1. We are in a deep freeze advisory after 6:00 p.m. tonight through noon Monday – it is brutally cold out there. I leave the taps dripping a very fine trickle at all the taps and been doing small loads of hot-water laundry. And left the cupboards open where the pipes are in the kitchen and bathroom – we kind of got a double whammy- officially 6 inches of snow and all the cold. I knew my arms would be cold for that {{{ }}} :)

            1. I’m definitely glad I don’t live by you! And glad you got to go out until now…. Brrr and I think here it’s cold! definitely not cold in comparison.

              1. This is just one more day (third day), then some wintry precip, a little warmer tomorrow, then back in the deep freeze again and supposed to be like this til the weekend, maybe even the end of the month – ugh. I could not live somewhere if it was like this all the time – sorry I did not return here last night – I’ve been having some issues with my shoulder and trying to stay away from the computer, lessening my hours just a bit to see if it helps – not always, but decided to try … tonight going to try to write a post, even having not walked now for several days … I would walk in it, not as great a distance, and just bundle up, but the snow and ice right now are bad since it is so cold on the pavement – I’ll just take it easy for awhile. I hope you just get “garden variety cold” over there Eliza – take care.

                1. (((((((((hugs))))))))))
                  It snowed today! Was so pretty.. I’m glad it didn’t settle.
                  Hope your shoulder heals….
                  Have you ever read the book ‘The journey’?

                  1. My kind of snow Eliza – kind of like a snow globe … you turn it upside down and it snows like crazy, settles and is gone. I hope my shoulder heals too – it started in the Fall and has less movement to it. I am hoping the exercises will help – fingers crossed. No, I haven’t read the book “The Journey” and I am so behind on reading anything anymore – it’s been years since I sat down and read a book. When I worked, I took the bus so I had that 30-40 minutes to myself to read – I miss that. It seems I leave work, then come here and catch up and it is almost time for bed. Especially late tonight since I wrote a post. I Googled “The Journey” … I see several books with that title by author Brandon Bays … is this what you are referring to. (((((((((hugs)))))))))) back to you … they are warmer arms tonight as it is freezing rain and near 30 degrees now (thankfully).

                    1. The snow globe made me laugh.
                      Yup that’s what I was referring to.
                      Glad it’s warming up by you!!

                    2. Thank goodness!! I never made it out Eliza – the sidewalk was just like a sheet of ice. I figured it is warm, the car will be fine and not worth falling on the ice to do it. Last week we had freezing rain and hundreds of people ended up in the E.R. with sprains or breaks from falling. Yikes!

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