One Hundred and fifteen: The Beauty of Change

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Question one – How is change beautiful? How is that a reason to live?
Question two – Who are you?

Answer two: I’m Hadas Bat-el, and I’m guest blogging for Eliza today! Thank G-d I’m not suicidal, but I work with teens, and get many messages from people struggling with all sorts of things. Thank you Eliza for creating a platform where these topics can be approached and talked about.

Answer one: It seems everything is changing these days. I’ve written quite a bit about it on my own blog, as both me and Eliza are in a stage of life where nothing seems to be constant or consistent. It can get infuriating, but if you’re able to see it through a positive light then it is less so.

They say: “When one door closes, another opens”. I see you there, rolling your eyes behind your screen.

Quotes, those things you’ve heard so many times, that people roll off their tongues like they’re factual and obvious.

Which they aren’t, or are they? They don’t feel that way, but most of them are true. If they weren’t true, they wouldn’t be as widely popular as they are.

So, even if you don’t feel like it, life can get better. Nothing stays the same for long, and if you say “Well, the people that do commit suicide, it was because their life wasn’t getting better”, well I challenge you, how would you know? Those people ended it before they could see anything get better.

Change makes this world exciting, it makes everything an adventure. Yes, life is really frustrating sometimes.

You know, it’s not what happens that makes a good story, it’s how the story is told. 

I know this from experience.

I’m a writer, and even if you aren’t one of those, I’m sure many of you are readers. Just take an example like Dr. Seuss’s books; some of them literally make no sense whatsoever, others have the most stupid and/or predictable plot – but these books are best sellers! Who hasn’t heard of Dr. Seuss?!

You could make up a cutesy story about a unicorn that had no friends and eventually found friends and happiness type of book for 5 year old little girls and turn into a 600 page bestseller book for adults.

Change is happening, and you choose how you’re going to perceive those changes.

I see them as beautiful.
My life, no matter how insane, is an adventure for me. 

Inner change brings me peace, meaning, and the ultimate happiness.
I evolve, and therefore I am.

–  Hadas Bat-el // //


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