ONE: Beauty in the world

So for reason one. It feels like I should come up with some super amazing and fabulous reason that everyone will be like, oh wow, why didn’t I think of that before? But somehow, it isn’t so…… The first reason that came to mind when I thought of, why live. I’m especially using the words why live, not why not die, for that isn’t a reason to stay but a reason not to leave. I guess they’re all intertwined though, come to think of it. What am I saying again?

The beauty in the world around me

The raindrops on petals

The ocean crashing

The sun as it glints on the trees

The sun as it pierces through the clouds

Grass swaying in the breeze


Torrential downpours (I love rain)

Perfection of plants….

Have you any pictures that you’d like to share??


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