Not Alone, Reason 183

Not Alone, Reason 183

Hi, this is Tamara, and when I feel despair in life, it gives me hope in knowing that I do not go at it alone; in fact, I am never alone! This is reason to fight onward with my fellow brothers and sisters!

Not Alone

No exceptions are given to anyone from the terrible suffering in which we all experience in our fallen world. However, there is comfort in knowing that we are never alone in whatever pains befall us.

Illusions of isolation and aloneness during our misery tend to heighten our despair, and thicken the dreadful sludge of gloom in which we must drag ourselves during these bleak times.

What I have learned through this affair called ‘life’ is that no matter what tragedies overshadow each of us, or burden our pace to that of a painfully, slow crawl, we can have the solace in knowing that others have endured these same struggles, both mentally and physically, as we do. We do not suffer alone!

Not Alone

Our feelings of loneliness, angst, and hopelessness are not signed over to each one of us exclusively. From the beginning of time and beyond, other have agonized, and still do, by the crushing weight of these very same tragedies. YAY!

(I mean “YAY!” in that we are not alone in our sufferings).

Tamara Yancosky

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  1. Very perceptive, Tamara!

    In helping each other now, not only do we part the curtains to allow ray on sunshine to brighten the room, but we’re building a stronger, happier “next step” too.

    Good news – Management is running a two-for-one special on Positivity today! Wait…not just today? Forever, actually? Well…

    1. Your words are not only uplifting, TA, but immensely poetic! I am always honored by your comments, and grateful for them. ♥️Thank you So Much, my dear friend ♥️


      1. No, thank you, Tamara!

        Now, I wrote, and you responded on June 30. Today is July 9, and my email only deigned to tell me about this now. Nothing but the best for our users, eh, Comcast?

        So, where have our messages been the last ten days? We should’ve listened to Bugs Bunny. He said a LEFT turn at Albuquerque. Oh, I’m sorry, contestants. LEFT turn was the answer we were looking for. Left turn. Tamara, the board still is yours. What’s the next category?

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