Ninety Five: As long as there’s life, there’s hope

This quote has become my newest byline.

As long as there is life, there is hope.


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  1. Love that each of your posts are numbered what a cool concept. Great idea as even when reallllly low you have a giant list of reasons to carry on!

    1. Thanks for passing by Zoe
      You got it :)
      That’s why I started this blog. To write a list of reasons to live. Yeah, I’ve continued blogging, but really I’m thinking of starting another site for all the letters to myself and random stuff and keeping this just for reasons (not any time in the near future though).
      Not all the reasons are mine. Although when I started I didn’t number others reasons (I love others posting their reasons) I changed that to put theirs on the list….
      Happy blogging!

    1. Thanks Michele
      At the moment it is.
      Not sure how long it’ll last. But trying to remember that it’s only about this moment.
      And as you say Just keep swimming. Or take another step.

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