Ninety Eight: Sandcastles and life

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Life is a sand castle built on the beach. At some point the water will come in and your sand castle will crumble and cease to exist, but until then we’re given a shovel and a bucket – it’s implied that we’re supposed to build up our castle so we’ll be happy with what we created by the time it’s washed away because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Some people’s shovels are bigger than others and some have a clear idea of what they want their castle to look like. Others just add sand impatiently in the hope of achieving greatness. Some people have a simple castle that they are already happy with and just look at it – they will not build a grand castle, but why would they if they’re already happy with it? Then there are people who are unsure of what to build and think and think but end up just watching their small castle slowly crumble and crack.

Having depression is like receiving a single toothpick instead of a bucket and shovel. It’s incredibly hard to build up a castle and their chance of ever creating something seems impossible because there is nothing to work with, no motivation. But some of them realize while they can’t build the castle they want to, they can write messages in the sand for others to read. They can use the tiny toothpick to add detail and shape their small sand castle to perfection.

In the end everyone looks at what they have accomplished, some with satisfaction, some with disappointment. But they are all impressed and inspired by the messages written in the sand and the amazing detail in the castles of those who struggled with only a toothpick. The waves comes in and wash everything away leaving behind smooth lumps of sand in their wake. Everything is gone – except that insignificant toothpick which floats out to sea and eventually washes up on a shore across the ocean, ready to be used to shape someone else’s castle and write powerful messages in the sand.

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