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As I wrote, I just started a new blog – Journey To Life – rather than journey from suicidality. At the moment that’s making me smile and giving me a positive feeling. I don’t understand why it’s doing that, but hey, I’m not complaining! I’m grateful for it. For another reason to live. The world has been feeling so dark recently and anything that gives me glimmers of smiles, even if the smiles are thought smile rather than shown, I’m grateful for. See you there as well as here.

Love, light and glitter


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  1. I just responded to your email. At first, I was seriously worried about you. Now it dawns on me the reason for asking me “what my reason to live” is. Duh! Senior moment.
    So pleased that you are finding purpose by setting out and taking a new approach to life. You sound quite positive in this post… That makes me very happy!!! God Bless, YOU! ??

      1. No, it’s okay. It was my fault.
        When I receive e-mails from some follower’s that sound as if they are leaning to the darkest ends of the earth, I try desperately to bring them back, and get the others in the mental health community (The Calvary) to inervene. No body here wants to see another suffer.

        1. I need to still check my emails.
          It was more, I’m finding it hard to hold on when it all seems like it’s been futile. So was wondering what gave you the strength to when it felt as though you were spinning your wheels in the mud (I’m sure I’m not the only one who ever feels that way).

          1. Basically, it was everthing I stated in my response to your e-mail.
            You’re definitely not the only one spinning wheels, I’m almost positive that anyone who suffers from a mental illness feel that way.
            After my suicide attempts, an my mother helping me to get help by pushing me to admit myself into the hospital, then facing homelessness… I knew I had to fight like I never faught before. The medication stabilized me enough where it gave me he strength to fight.
            To this day (4&1/2) years later, I still push myself daily to keep positive, motivated, and most importantly at peace with myself.
            I look at it this way… God wasn’t ready to take me… I’m meant to be here for a reason. So, that gives me a purpose.

  2. This post make me smile, because I felt this in my heart and truly could feel that you really feel the way you do when you write this?
    I can recognize myself a little in your words and I know how I felt and experienced it. My experience is with a book I write on.

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