My Reasons

One – Beauty in the world
Two – Prove it’s possible
Three – Add a link
Four – Chart a path
Five – Hope
Six – You’ll never know what could have been
Seven – People who believe in me
Eight – Music the world plays
Nine – A child’s smile/laugh
Ten – It gets better
Eleven – This too shall pass
Twelve – Your smile
Thirteen – Gift giving
Fourteen – Colours
Fifteen – The squirrel
Sixteen – Nail varnish
Seventeen – Rain
Eighteen – Almost there
Nineteen – Stars
Twenty – Rainbows
Twenty One – Rainbows
Twenty Two – SF
Twenty Three – Tomorrow is a new day
Twenty Four – Tomorrow is still a new day
Twenty Five – Nothing is over until its over
Twenty Six – End vs Beginning
Twenty Seven – Leaves
Twenty Eight – Movies
Twenty Nine – Posts
Thirty – Reason thirty
Thirty One – Friends
Thirty Two – People who make me smile
Thirty Three – Coincidences that aren’t
Thirty Four – Clouds
Thirty Five – Finding the light in the dark
Thirty Six – Leaves changing colours
Thirty Seven – The light of understanding
Thirty Eight – The light is off but still there
Thirty Nine – Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem
Forty – I’ve come up with Forty reasons…
Forty One – Music
Forty Two – People who care
Forty Three – The humour in everything
Forty Four – All that could be
Forty Five – Walking in the breeze
Forty Six – Water
Forty Seven – Acts of kindness of others
Forty Eight – To give
Forty Nine – It’s part of a big picture
Fifty –

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  1. Because the universe loves you and is reaching out through the heavens from you to me. Because you are making things happen. You are reaching out and maybe someone without hope will read this and be changed.
    Sending you healing and loving thoughts —

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