My new years resolution

Well, I have a few.

My primary New year’s resolution is to live through the year. I don’t mean as in live for a year which would be dating and make me suicidal at the end but to do all I can this year to live. To be okay in the world. Find my place in this world.

Which includes sticking with therapy although I can’t see a point. Which includes asking questions. Finding my place. Working through what I believe. Building healthy relationships. To live through this year. However daunting and scary that seems at the moment.

What are your plans, goals or thoughts for this year?


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  1. I think you’ve chosen a great goal. Therapy has saved my life. Literally. Maybe consider finding a new therapist. It took me a while to open up and be honest with mine but she is now one of the most important aspects of my sobriety, relationships and desire to keep going. I have faith that you can do this! ?

  2. Actually, I haven’t set big goals for 2018. I set several goals in 2017 and achieved some and didn’t achieve others, including a new job I wanted and didn’t get.

    I hope you reach your goal and start to find some comfort in your life.

  3. I like that, Eliza. Good goals to be okay in the world and find your place in this world. Volunteering in some way is a good way to start. I find it gets me out of my own head and helps me to find my place in the world. I love working with children, but there are so many ways to volunteer. This year I will keep working on my mindfulness and stillness to help me find what my purpose is now that my children are grown and my grandkids are older. It’s nice to have your company on this journey :)

    1. Thanks Michele
      I have actually been thinking about volunteering… I’m shy and anxious to, but it would probably be worth it to either way

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