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So, introduction post, anyone??? This is to let all the many (I hope it won’t be zero!) readers know what this blog is about. Well, I don’t really know how to start, I want it to be interesting, and not have everyone rolling their eyes with boredom and stop reading before they start…. I guess I’ll start from the beginning. Ya know how they always say you should start at the beginning and all that….

Hi, I’m Eliza. So, I was thinking the other day that I want to compile a list of reasons to live, as the world seems so dark and dreary, especially when I think of suicide as a feasible option. Is it? Is it not? Who knows. Who cares. That’s not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is to write my reasons to live, one reason per post. And yours, if you are happy to share them! I would love guest posts – where you write your reasons – one per post. The more we can come up with, the better.
If you’re unsure how to be in touch about writing your own posts, look at the blog post – how can you post here.

So, I guess I’m gonna start the journey of blogging here. I have no idea how to do blogging and hope I don’t fail abysmally at it….. if I do, if you have any tips, or any suggestions or ideas at all, please pass them on!

So long…… until I begin posting my reasons. gotta figure how to add anything, and how to design the pages….


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  1. Followed a long thread from Calmkate to your two sites (not sure which one I am on now) to find this ‘intro’ .. to find out who you are ? Read quite a few posts – very absorbing – but can’t pin the usual descriptions we use to identify other than you are Eliza – I think you are a teacher and maybe of the Jewish faith. Trying to describe you actually and so strangely reminded me that only this morning I read that we try to pin descriptions on people … and I thought I was not into that ..but realise now I am doing just that. Give me a second let me go fetch that quote …

    “…the human ego fixes upon roles, titles, status symbols, and concocted self-images …” .

    Wow talk of coincidences. I had by-passed it because I do not describe myself like that – but did not realise I use those measures to describe others. ?

    And strangest coincidence … going back to fetch it … the lines that followed seemed like something you may like/I would like to share with you … seeing that I read about you wondering at one time whether you are real or not ….

    ” ….these are passing creations of our own minds and culture. They are not, in that sense, objectively “real.” Nor are they our true and deepest self. All of these images must die if we want the Real, but they do not die easily because we have mistaken them for elements of our real self for most of our life. We all suffer from a tragic case of mistaken identity. …”

    The link if interested … it is by a Jesuit priest but a nondenominational reflection

    Anyways …I am rambling …?

    What I really started out to comment on was that your invitation to guest post on reasons to live set me thinking for surprisingly it is difficult tox answer. I don’t think I want to live because xxxxx though I know I would not like to die because xxx… for example I want to see my nieces get married, my doggy will be lost without me and lots of people – family (may) need me etc etc…

    But reasons to live …. hmmm … I have life so why not live it … time enough to die when I die because then this life is no more. Does this make sense or is it not t really good enough. I guess I should get a mission .. find out my purpose and fulfill it. You have really set me thinking but I dare not ramble to explain further this ‘post’ of mine … ?.

    so … TC and byeeee for now. Will be back for more absorbing reading?

    1. Wow.
      Thank you!!
      Yup, I’m a teacher, jewish, religious. Female too. Some things I don’t write as I’m a little scared of people I know recognising me here although I’ve begun sharing my blog (reasons to live) in real life).
      I love that quote!! I once made 7 spider diagrams trying to answer ‘who am I’.
      It definitely makes sense that you want to live whilst you’re alive for you’ll die when you die. Everyone’s reasoning is so individual.
      No issue with rambling – it makes me feel less weird for all the rambling I do everywhere, that often makes so little sense.
      Nice to ‘meet’ you *shake
      Love, light and glitter (my glitter shaker is filled with all different shades of blue and silver glitter).

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