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Music that moves me is one of my many favorite things! Some of the reasons why I find music such a great inspirational tool in living my life with greater joy, and thereby, thriving (instead of just surviving) are as follows:

1). Music has a seemingly magical way of lifting me up higher than a soaring bird, rising me far above the clouds, when I am feeling down.

2). Various song lyrics actually validate any inner-pain that I might be experiencing, helping me to understand that others go through these same feelings, and that I am not all alone, after all.

3). Certain singers inspire me by way of their own tragic stories that they, themselves, have triumphed over, and that they beautifully describe in the words contained within their own songs.

4). Particular song beats and rhythms give me dynamic bursts of energy which, in itself, thins the gloom of those days where I’d rather spend more time in bed, than out.

5). Music‘s vibrancy awakens my senses that might otherwise be desperately dulled due to depression’s mean prank of “kicking me in the *ss”.

6). Soothing instruments can ease my anxiety, and actually entice me to “get a better grip”, and remind me to not think so much about the “what if’s”.

7). Familiarity of songs that I have heard from years ago come to me as a friend coming by to acknowledge my existence.

8). The pitch of the high notes being played on a piano are among the many favorite sounds in the world to me!

9). Depending on the particular style of music in which I am listening, I tend to do those boring, rather tedious chores, more cheerfully (and productively!), and get them done faster, too!

10). Music makes me want to dance! Dancing is a humongous reason to thrive! 

Hey, yay for music!

© 2018 Tamara Yancosky

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  1. You remind me of a saying I love – stop SURVIVING, start LIVING.

    2. I love ‘migraine’ for that reason. It just says what I’m thinking in words I could never find.

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