More Amazing Street Art — Mitch Teemley #192

Street art #192.

The awesomeness of this. I loved Mitch’s post sharing this work because it really is amazing!! We look around us and see so much awesomeness, sometimes it’s natural, sometimes it’s manmade.

Temporary, permanent, sweet, shocking, whimsical, thoughtful… Art can be anything, I think, except boring. And while a picture may be worth a thousand words, it is much more than mere information. It speaks to a different part of our selves. Art is more of a waking dream than a speech, and it should never be […]

via More Amazing Street Art — Mitch Teemley

So long as there is life, there is hope.

Love, light and glitter


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  1. Wow I didn’t see the hugeness of the art until I saw the man at the bottom – it’s gigantic! I can’t even imagine how he undertook and finished it. It’s beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing Eliza! <3 <3 <3
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

  2. This was amazing Eliza – I liked this deer and went onto is site that you linked to and everything he’s done is quite amazing. We have a guy who does chalk art and his creations are similar, but much smaller. Every year he comes to the Botanical Gardens. I have intended to go see his work, but can’t get there timely – they have a jazz group playing every Wednesday and he is a featured artist. Two years in a row, I’ve intended to go the following day and check out his work from the night before and it has rained – here is a sample of his work:
    Such a gift to draw like this.

      1. He is there every year – next year I’ll make another attempt and hope it doesn’t rain. I would like to take the pics in the morning when there are no people around. I liked the artist you featured – liked all his work, especially the big deer – wow! Love, light and glitter back to you Eliza.

  3. This is real? First of all, how…?

    Oh, never mind that. Needless to say, this stuns. Not only the obvious immenseness of the undertaking, but also in the way it accentuates its setting. From a distance, the branches frame a deer emerging into a clearing, an effect the line style amplifies, evoking brambles.

    Even the fading graffiti at the base of the wall plays a role, allowing nature to emerge beyond, and eventually to tower above, human complications.

    Quite a nice “welcome back” gift for us, Eliza!

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