Lying in the grass #185

Lying in the grass. Lying in the grass is most definitely my reason to live for today. Just lying in the grass feeling the sun….

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Love, light and glitter


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  1. It seems that lying in the grass is one of the methods of relaxation, relaxation and rest among nature.

  2. Absolutely mesmerizing, agreed. When thusly enthralled, afternoon becomes evening, becomes night. Time knows no purpose.

    One thing even better than reclining afield soaking up the sunshine, is what comes next – doing so at night, as countless stars sparkle overhead. Even Earthly “intrusions,” such as jets making their journeys far above, are utterly fascinating!

    Great #185!

    1. :) how do you not get freezing doing that? I really will have to do it one day. Just see the stars….
      Thanks for reading.
      Love, light and glitter

      1. It’s summer, so everything’s as warm as bathwater, don’t you know? Anyway, the stars are such a magnificent, all-consuming, distraction, it often is hours before I realize I’m cold. Even then, often I don’t care.

        1. Where do you live? Here summer doesn’t mean sunshine, sunshine is awesome! But yeah, stargazing is enthralling enough to not notice the cold.

          1. Suburban Pittsburgh, so the last time we had a sunny day, I think Calvin Coolidge was president, but still, one catches tantalizing glimpses.

            Actually, that means when the sun does deign to visit us, we should acknowledge it, so here it goes… About a week ago we had a day that not only was sunny, but actually was crystal clear. That meant that once dusk passed, the stars stretched from horizon to horizon. Mesmerizing!

            1. When I went to the Alps we were so close to the stars I was actually scared the first time I saw it by how big they were. Here its usually cloudy. It’s rare to have a completely clear day definitely not all day…
              Happy weekend!

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